Nexus PPE group

Global Supply & Manufacturing Professionals

Our team brings decades of experience in global business, medical supply, client service, and relationships that provide priority service. 

We leverage long-term relationships in manufacturing, supply chain, policy and lobbying, and global logistics to improve our access.

We are committed to passing the best of our network and access to you, and to benefit your patient service and staff safety.

Client Relations

We view our client relationships as an investment in trust, growth, and service over decades, not months or years. We are committed to healthy communication, timely response, and secure delivery of the best products.

Our Purpose: Giving Back

The purpose of our practice is bigger than ourselves. A portion of all sales is given to non-profits that support global health and veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. We salute the heroes who risk their lives to save ours -- whether they serve in medicine, non-profit, or in military uniform.